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Grooming and Boarding
Grooming and Boarding
Grooming and Boarding

Grooming & Boarding

Muddy puppies, cats with matts;
Bring in your furry friend and we can make them a little less furry!


Whether it’s a full bath or just to tidy up those bushy brows, we keep our grooming appointments stress-free and as fun as possible. We specialize in patients that may not tolerate a standard groom, and we offer nail trim services for both cats and dogs. In-home nail trims are also available.


Please call to learn more about grooming or to schedule an appointment with our staff. Don’t forget to schedule early for the summer months and holidays!



Peace of mind while you are out of town;
Try our Bed & Breakfast exclusively for your feline friend.

A kitten boarding at the clinic


If your kitty is currently our patient, we would be happy to take care of them for you while you are away. We have a fun and interactive space and loving helpers that will provide an enriching environment. In keeping with our conservative vaccination policy, we require that your pet has had their annual exam, and that individualized recommendations are up to date. If your pet is not our patient yet, but you would like to book them for a stay with us, please call us to schedule an individual assessment.