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Exams & House Calls

We believe in wellness! Regular
check-ups are an important step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. B examining a dogBecause one year of your pet’s life is equivalent to several of our years, an annual exam can identify an underlying condition before it become a serious health concern, and helps ensure a long and happy life for your animal companions. We highly recommend yearly health screens as a minimum, especially for older animals. This way problems can be detected early and treatment can begin right away.

Parasite screening is part of an annual wellness visit. Both indoor and outdoor animals can come into contact with parasites that can drain your pet of vital nutrients. Some parasites are transmissible to our other pets and family members. Ask us about how you can ensure your pet is parasite-free.

We have an up to date, welcoming facility for appointments and consultations.  Appointments are available weekdays and Saturdays.

If you or your animal find it difficult to come into the clinic, we can come to you. Many of our clients prefer house calls over in-clinic appointments if their pets experience stress when being transported to the clinic. It is also a great option if you have multiple pets and would like to simplify the annual veterinary visit.

Contact us to schedule an in-clinic appointment or house call for your pet.