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Nutritional Counselling

“We are what we eat”

A dog near the pet food.What your family eats plays an important role in their overall health. When dogs and cats are fed a fresh, species-appropriate diet they flourish.

We emphasize the importance of nutrition in wellness as well as the effectiveness of food as a treatment. We offer nutritional counselling for raw or home-cooked diets, as well as diets tailored to a patient’s specific condition.  Owners will notice that a nutritious diet results in marked improvements in the health and well-being of their companions.

Dog on scale.Supplementing your pet’s diet with vitamins, minerals and herbs is a great way to boost the immune system and help them recover faster from injury or disease.

We are pleased to work with you to develop a diet and supplement regime customized for your pet using state of the art formulary software designed by Nutritionist, Steve Brown, and holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker.

We stock a number of commercially prepared and balanced diets including raw, dehydrated, freeze dried, canned, and kibble, as well as Veterinary exclusive therapeutic diets.

We can deliver food for your convenience!